Before and after staging example.


This warm kitchen with its cherry cabinets and granite countertops was obviously designed with entertaining the family in mind. It is a good-sized room with potential, but it now lacks a focal point and aesthetic trimmings.

Kitchen: Before - Image 1

Upon entering, it feels extremely claustrophobic and the eye is instantly drawn to the clutter which makes much of the space unusable and unattractive. As a result, the positive attributes of the room are hidden.

Kitchen: Before - Image 2

This space needs de-cluttering, cleaning and some aesthetic updates. In its current state, It is not possible to show off its advantages and its attractive and structural features.

Kitchen: Before - Image 3

The kitchen's potential and, more importantly, the beautiful cherry cabinets which should be its focal point, are hidden from home buyers who will not be able to see past the muddle.


The kitchen is usually the hub of the home and the more spacious and clutter-free it looks, the more inviting and cozy it feels. For any potential home buyer the space must appear clean and appealing. Less is more! By removing some items, cleaning existing fixtures and rearranging others, the best features of the room are advertised. Crowded countertops are de-cluttered. Unnecessary accessories, knick-knacks and appliances such as coffee pot, toaster and pans are packed away. As the room should be depersonalized, the distracting clippings, magnets and photographs on the door of the refrigerator are removed. The room instantly feels refreshed, looks bigger and the countertops seem more spacious.

Kitchen: After - Image 1

The clear countertops can now be used for preparing a meal and the potential buyer can see themselves cooking in the kitchen. The bar table and its four chairs seem somewhat bulky for the room, however, it is not an option to remove them.

Kitchen: After - Image 2

By clearing away all the papers, magazines and mail and placing a beautiful orange bowl as a center piece, the area becomes inviting and attractive and a feeling of space is immediately restored.

Kitchen: After - Image 3

Pulling the table and the chairs a few inches away from the window and placing them at an angle creates an illusion of additional space. The designated study area is also edited. All the lights of the room are turned on and slightly dimmed to create an atmosphere of coziness. By eliminating all the excess and clutter and by using simple pieces to adorn the room, the space now looks flexible, efficient, organized and to some extent updated. A new, fresh and distraction-free feel is achieved.

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